The Dale Peck Problem.

Here's the full text of that Dale Peck essay archived on Reddit if anyone's curious.

My Mayor Pete Problem

His claim to be the authority on what’s “edgy” because he moved to the East Village in the 90s is hilarious. The 60s or 70s I might buy, but the 90s?

God I'm sick to death of the arty-lefty-academic crowd thinking that calling someone a neoliberal or an assimilationist amounts to a meaningful critique, and that their facile talk about revolution makes them smarter than everyone else when actually it amounts to not much more than looking down their noses at people with conventional values, conventional aspirations, and conventional taste. It's like pubescent rage that the world doesn't act like they want it to act so they scream "I hate you!!" and slam their bedroom door. He has the gall to accuse someone else of being a 15-year-old?

The most fascinating thing about this pile of horse shit is that his “argument” seems to come to “Pete Buttigieg is a traitor to our people.” Um … who’s the enemy? (Also, maybe the redhead laughed at you not because you made him nervous but because you’re ridiculous.)