I won’t recycle my 9/11 story today, I’ve shared it before, probably more than once, and today isn’t really the day on which people are most interested to hear about how I was, on September 11, 2001, too preoccupied with the disintegration of my own life to feel much about the attack on New York. But now, all these years later and people around me still feeling so very sad on this anniversary, I’m sadly grateful that I had no emotional resources at the time to allow me to take on the full force of the event. As years pass, it feels less like disassociation and more like equanimity.

However, I did recently, as I was transferring data to my new computer, rediscover these photos, and I want to share them. The first 3, taken on September 10, were shot in the state park near Ithaca, New York, where we were staying that week. The other two were taken several days later, from our van I believe in New Jersey across the river, probably somewhere on Route 1/9, on our way into the city to do a show at HERE. We’d been in touch by phone with a handful of close friends but really had no idea what to expect.